Football event (soccer). 2024-06-15 12:46:20

⚽ Football (Soccer) event is now active. The target is to kill monsters appropiate to your level (+/-15 difference) and drop ⚽ Football which you'll be using later at 🧝‍♂️ Octavio. ℹ️ Few infos: 📆 This event is active till the end of July and runs 24/7. 🍹 You can obtain some amazing rewards from the exchange shop. 🥋 Costumes & hairstyles from the exchange shop offers only one bonus, costumes & hairstyles in item shop offers two bonuses (800 hp +...

Did you know? 2023-09-16 19:29:26

Did you know this?

  • You can get Wind Shoes with Vote Coins, you can vote the server every day to get other items too, like a Pet for example.
  • Add&Changers drop at metin stones, we have two types, green and normal, drop the green at stones 5-40 & normal at 45+.
  • We have a lot of useful info on forum&wiki, help us to complete the wiki, you just need wiki & server knowledge.

Server Start 2023-01-13 19:12:23

Dear players,
If everything works as we planned the server will open on 27.01.2023 at 20:00 CET.
Visit our forum to get the last news, on Old Metin2 the only source of comunication accepted is our forum.
You can now register/vote/buy coins/test.
Before server start the stored data in beta will be lost, the accounts created will remain along with vote coins & dragon coins.
Regards, Administration.

The Old Metin2 2023-01-11 05:30:55

Dear players,
The Old Metin2 project want to achive the original Metin2 experience.
Classic, oldschool, pvm hard? How many times have you heard this promises but no other servers gives the true original & untouched Metin2 experience? We are here to bring yourself into a whole new memory breaker: Old Metin2!


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